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At Six Apart, we love making the web better and more connected, and we want to help all publishers succeed, regardless of what tools they use. We believe in the power of blogging, and that's why we've got a whole bunch of powerful services available for WordPress users: TypePad AntiSpam, Six Apart Media, TypePad Connect, and more. One simple plugin helps you get started. For the latest version of this plugin, please visit Art Wells' repository on GitHub. (All developers are warmly invited to develop on the TypePad Platform.)

TypePad Connect is a brand new free service that brings a whole new level of community to your site. Your site's commenters can sign in and create profiles using the Google, Facebook, Yahoo or OpenID accounts that they already have. And they can follow each other's activity across the web.

  • Don't choose between Facebook Connect and Google sign-in — use TypePad Connect and get both of those and more.
  • Provides threaded comments, avatars and built-in protection by TypePad AntiSpam
  • Your members' profiles live right on your site, with your design
  • It's free and easy to integrate
  • TypePad Connect

“TypePad Connect could be another step toward the realization of a truly distributed social Web.”

- Rick Turoczy, ReadWriteWeb

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Join us in the fight against spam! TypePad AntiSpam is a great serivce that's free for any type of use, personal and commercial, regardless of how many comments you receive. It works like Akismet, but it's open source, never costs money, and gives you fewer false positives. Every time you report spam the TypePad AntiSpam engine gets smarter and better at protecting your blog from spam. Get Started Now.

  • Free for any use
  • Fewer false positives
  • 100% compatible with the Akismet API
  • Powered by an Open Source engine
  • TypePad AntiSpam

“Last week we switched to TypePad AntiSpam as a test... the TypePad product has performed as good or better for us.”

- Michael Arrington, TechCrunch

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Six Apart Media

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If you're looking to succeed with advertising on your blog, you should trust an advertising program that's created by bloggers. Six Apart Media is helping lots of smart WordPress bloggers like you profit from the effort you put into your site.

  • We work with some of the top brands in the world
  • You have total control over what ads appear on your site
  • Integrating ads onto your site is super easy with our new WordPress plugin
  • Six Apart Media

Six Apart Media provides a blogger-friendly alternative to existing ad networks .

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Visit » helps readers discover the best blogs on the web, including yours. Featured blogs are chosen by a team of passionate editors based on their quality, popularity and relevance, and we hope you'll submit your WordPress site to be considered for inclusion.

  • Discover the highest quality blogs on the web
  • Get the latest buzz via editorial round-ups & top ten lists
  • Share content easily via email, personal blogs, and social networks
  • Streamlined and user-friendly

“ is the place to go for anyone who wants a fast, easy way to find the best blogs.”

- Mena Trott,
Co-Founder and President of Six Apart

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