Celebrating 2 Years of Vox

October is Vox's Birthday!

Two years ago, we created Vox for the people who told us they wanted to connect with family and friends on their own terms. Today, Vox is a thriving community where people can safely and confidentially connect with whomever they choose. We're delighted that so many people have made Vox their home online, and we can't wait to see what the next two years hold.

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Happy Birthday Vox!

Vox has been there for me through thick and thin. When I was happy and excited especially, but also when I was down and frustrated. Vox allowed me to express myself and to share what's happening in my life with others. It always feel wonderful when a fellow Vox-er leaves a comment at my post even though we don't know each other at all.

Reading back on my posts, I can see how far I have come in this short two years and wonder how much further can I achieve. Vox has seen me through family hiccups, losing my first love and then trying to find the trust in loving another person again. It has been through birthdays, festive occasions, memorable days with friends... So I'm really glad I chose Vox and that I choose to continue using Vox.

Thanks everyone at Six Apart and the Vox Team!

Trina Fong Jiar Hwei

Chez Michelle

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Vox Helped Me Get to Know Myself

I joined Vox in October 2006, so this is my 2nd Vox anniversary.

Sometimes I go back into my blog archives to find a certain post or recipe, and I end up reading my own blog as if it was someone else's. After two years, you forget what you've blogged about. It's like looking at a photo album, but with much more detail. The little things often get lost in my memory, but Vox helps to keep them for a very long time.

Vox has helped me get to know myself.

Betsy Hornik

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Vox For Long-Distance Communication

My children are busy young adults - well, young to me, at any rate. They don't always want to slow down to hear me retell old stories, pass along family lore, or give them my take on life. So now I post this info on VOX instead. They each go to the VOX site every day. VOX is where they post pictures of their (beautiful) children, their travel photos, reviews of concerts they've attended and books they've read, and yes, their own wonderful insights on life as they live it.

And maybe, just maybe, when they're stuck in an airport or catching up with blogs after the kids are in bed, they come across my entries. Maybe they'll read a story of how their great grandmother entered Ellis Island. Maybe they'll find a reminder of the summer theater in the Poconos that was housed beneath a fire station; whenever the siren went off, the performance stopped. Just today, they got to see a photo of their first house from thirty years ago.

Instead of a wacky old lady who talks to herself, VOX has allowed me to become the modern, technically aware grandmother who can share her thoughts electronically.

VOX is the best present this long-distance parent has ever been given.

Happy birthday.

-Betsy Hornik

Secret Agent Scotch

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Under Construction

Yesterday was both my 1-year anniversary on Vox and the day the Roman Empire fell. When I heard that tidbit on NPR, I knew it would set the tone for the rest of the day. As anniversaries are prone to do, I have been taking stock of my life and all the changes that have occurred at this benchmark. One year ago today I had a cool job at Williams-Sonoma, a nice boyfriend, and a very Mary Tyler Moore existence in San Francisco.

I was brought over to Vox by above-mentioned boyfriend because I was frustrated and skeeved out by myspace. I had never had a real blog before, but it seemed like a natural fit, as I was writing a book at the time and looking for an audience. Months later, I decided to return to Hawaii and rekindle my passion building furniture. I believe, and I suspect many will agree with me, that this was the point when my blog became most interesting.

Since then I have detailed my foibles, frustrations, and successes in front of a live audience. The friends I have made on this site are real and I have grown to care for a great many users. The audience on Vox remains, for the most part, as erudite & interesting as it was in the beginning. I often don't have time to read or comment on other people's blogs as much as I would like to, but please don't think I don't care. I care very much. Possibly too much.

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Happy Voxiversary!

Today is my One Year Voxiversary!

Yes, that means you have had to deal with yours truly for a whole year. Postin and ramblin away at this and that. Big things. Small things. Personal things. Open things. Just whatever comes to my mind.

I have defintely enjoyed the switch over to Vox. One of the best things about it is definitely the people. From the very start, Vox has felt like more of an open minded community, where people genuinely want to get to know new people. I definitely appreciate that. And its probably why I stay.

To Vox. To Neighbors. To Silent Readers. To Everyone!

May the next 365 bring more living and sharing. And goodness. And silliness. And just plain fun.

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Just Joey

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One Year Vox Anniversary

So, a year ago today

I joined Vox. My first post was: http://indy.vox.com/library/post/ok-newbie-to-vox.html. Jenny left my first ever comment.

I confess to thinking

that I would bail in less than 30 days but here we are a year later. The past year has been a 'fun' year to say the least. With the old ex trying to scam me, the new ex taking me for everything, losing my home, bankruptcy, the reposession of both vehicles, and general loneliness and unhappyiness I'm happy to say that each day looks better. Of course when I look back at how terrible this year has been I get all emotional but I'm hoping the next 365 days bring resolution to a lot of crap.

There is one thing

that I am certain of ... having this outlet has made the hell a little less hellish and the good times a little bit better. Thank you Vox.

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Yep, it's my one year vox-iversary. I just want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have left me kind comments and sent me messages during the past year, particularly my friends that have been here from the start. I think my drawings, paintings and photographs have improved hugely over the past year and I think this blog and you wonderful people have a lot to do with that. You've offered me incredible encouragement and support, so a great big thank you to all of you.

Also a big thank you to Vox for being my favourite blogging network ever and putting my stuff on the front page so many times.

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Red Pen

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The first year

My blog turns one today. Time flies. I'm happy I stumbled across Vox a year ago and decided to give it a try. The sense of community is strong, and it has been easy and fun to make a home here. The largest share of the credit belongs to the many humorous, brilliant, generous, insightful, talented, opinionated, multifaceted individuals in my neighborhood. Cheers to you!

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Voxiversary plus plus

In all the rush of October, I completely forgot Vox is now a year old, which means I also forgot my own anniversary of blogging on Vox by weeks.

My first post on Vox, or, the day-I-started-cheating-on-lj-&-never-looked-back, was on October 6, 2006, with this post.

Now I have almost 300.
(I won't say the exact number because I sort posts out by filters, and of course a few are also fully private).
And I've been featured on the home page twice! (I think).

I have 46 favourite items -- although I could have sworn I favourited more (I don't take the feature too seriously), and unlike some of the others who've written about this, I just cannot pick a favourite out of my favourites. There is no favourite to rule them all.

I stayed on Vox because the neighbours here are wonderful people, the people who write always have something interesting to say, and although people have told me they stuck to x or y because of the layout, customisation or other reasons, but I can't see it as a good enough reason to not stay here and read. It is the material that really stuck to me, (because to be honest, if I wanted good photos I could go to Flickr).

But to be very trivial, the reason I signed on for the beta was for the completely addictive feature of having a (seemingly unlimited) library. It's very predictable bait for someone like me, I think. Other similar features have popped up in other places across the internet since then but this is still the one I keep most up-to-date.

Am I done celebrating this?
Yes I think so... I still have work to do.

Thank you Vox for everything!

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