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Movable Type security fixes are available

Dear Movable Type Customers,

You may have read reports that the website was hacked and some sources claimed that a previously undiscovered security flaw in Movable Type 4 was to blame.

Six Apart and our affiliates have been working closely with the Public Broadcasting System to learn how the hack was accomplished. We are continuously reviewing our code base to protect our customers from any vulnerabilities in Movable Type.

Today, Six Apart released the first Movable Type update since the PBS hacking case. Please see the release note on for details. All Movable Type customers get benefits from this release, so we strongly recommend that you apply this release as soon as possible.

Six Apart is committed to continuing to eliminate bugs, especially when such bugs potentially expose our customers to malicious attacks.

In the past years, Six Apart has made efforts to provide security fixes promptly for major releases of Movable Type, because we understand that our customers are not always ready to migrate to the latest version of our software. That's why we have released updates for the Movable Type 4.3, 5.0, and 5.1 branches today.

This has always been an important policy at Six Apart, and will continue to be our commitment to our user community.

Nob Seki
President & CEO
Six Apart