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Announcing: TypePad Conversations

We launched Six Apart Media just two years ago and can you believe that last month Six Apart Media reached over 42% of all US Internet users*, placing us #1 in blogs and #2 only to Facebook in the Conversational Media category?!

geektypepadconversation.jpgMarketers realize that engaging these influencers is an important part of any brand building campaign and our goal is to help them do so in authentic, scalable, and effective ways. In the past, marketers could only reach bloggers and their audiences through banners or through traditional promotional integration with a handful of sites. Today, with the launch of TypePad Conversations, we aim to change that.

What Is It?

At its core, TypePad Conversations is about powering discussions across a large set of bloggers and their audiences through provocative questions. We ask these questions to millions of bloggers and their readers, sparking conversations across a range of topics. You can join in the discussion here!
If you have ever been to an industry conference like iMedia, E3, Ad Tech, ShowWest, you have experienced a form of sponsored conversation. We are taking that principle online and allowing brands to join in the conversation, and as with those conferences, TypePad Conversations helps brands sponsor discussions without controlling them.

Picture1.jpg Participating in the conversation is strictly voluntary and we don't pay bloggers to post. If you are a member of the Six Apart Ad Program - open to bloggers on all platforms -- you will share revenue from impressions generated from the advertising that accompanies TypePad Conversations.

Like Facebook's engagement ads and Twitter's Sponsored Tweets, TypePad Conversations is about finding the right balance between the brand's desire to participate in the conversation, the publisher's desire to drive traffic to its site, and the reader's desire to engage with great content.

Nothing like this has existed for blogs before today.

How It Works

We work with leading voices in a category, such as Women's Lifestyle, to create questions that are syndicated to influential bloggers.   

Bloggers post their answers on their blogs and inspire their audience to participate. Readers invite people in their social networks to join in by sharing their answers on Twitter and Facebook.

Thumbnail image for geek week.jpgAnswers from all participating blogs are aggregated at with the best featured in the "Awesome Bar," a branded content module that appears below the original post on each participating blogger's site.

The best way to understand how this all works is to join the conversation on some of our amazing publisher sites like Betty Confidential, Geekweek, and Jessica Gottlieb.

We are very pleased to be partnering with Sprint and their 4G campaign as the first sponsor of TypePad Conversations. Sprint has been fantastic to work with and we are grateful especially to Betsy Paynter, Sara Devine, Stephanie Wilroy, Jim Clark and Rich Pesce who said:

"TypePad Conversations are a unique way for us to avoid banner fatigue and organically reach highly engaged audiences." 
If you are a marketer who'd like to participate, please reach out.

I would like to thank the inspired team at Six Apart that has put countless hours of blood, sweat, tears and magic into the progress we have made over the last two years.

I look forward to seeing you join the conversation!

David Tokheim, EVP Six Apart Media

* comScore, April 2010