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Six Apart Media, TypePad Micro, and AVATAR

Six-Apart-Media-and-AVATAR.pngIt’s only been a year and a half since our launch of Six Apart Media and I’m happy to report we’ve made a lot of progress since then. Six Apart Media has the dual mission to help bloggers on all platforms earn more advertising revenue and to provide brand marketers access to a growing audience of bloggers and blog readers. Today Six Apart Media reaches over 193 million people around the world and 67 million US every month (according to comScore) -- that’s bigger than most social networks, blog services, and social media ad networks.

Beyond just reach, our focus has been on creating really compelling, unique and authentic ways for brands to engage with communities online. In a way, we’ve been doing this for a long time since many brands have used their TypePad or Movable Type blog as their first social media outpost. Today we offer many other engagement products that tap into our platform, including blog communities, custom themes, widgets, and conversation starters, for brands like HP, Cisco, Nature Made, Best Buy, Apple and Microsoft.

With the launch of the TypePad Platform and TypePad Motion in October, our Six Apart Media Services team has been building great conversational media hubs, such as TweetZone, built for Sprint in partnership with Federated Media. We believe that social media campaigns will increasingly include creative “hub” sites that incorporate blogs, microblogs, and social networks to engage a community of bloggers and brand advocates.

With the launch of TypePad Micro yesterday we opened up a new way for brands to engage communities with social content, and we are pleased to announce our first marketing partner for TypePad Micro: AVATAR.

AVATAR on TypePad

In partnership with Twentieth Century Fox we are introducing the official online community on TypePad, incorporating both an official blog and a TypePad Motion microblogging community. We will be pulling in official AVATAR content from other sites, like Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube, as well as featuring exclusive content from Avatar such as behind-the-scenes videos.

AVATAR TP Motion.png
And now with TypePad Micro we are doing something new: anyone can have his or her own exclusive AVATAR-themed microblog. With a TypePad Micro blog, fans can post notes, photos, and videos about AVATAR, “follow” each other, and easily share text, photos, and videos across their Twitter or Facebook networks.

AVATAR is one of the most anticipated films of the year and passionate AVATAR fans can join the community at today, one month before the premier of Oscar-winning filmmaker James Cameron’s epic adventure on December 18.

We think this is a fantastic partnership and Jeffrey Godsick, Twentieth Century Fox’s executive VP of marketing, puts it this way: “This is a perfect match for us: Just as AVATAR is a revolutionary moviegoing experience, TypePad is revolutionizing social media. Members of the community will get the latest AVATAR news, see exclusive movie-related content, and participate in movie-related activities. We’re pleased to have a central online place where AVATAR fans can connect and share their excitement for the film with each other - and with their friends on other social sites like Facebook and Twitter.” Thanks Jeffrey - well said!

I am personally really excited about this. I’ve been a huge sci-fi fan my whole life (shocking admission, I know) as well as a James Cameron fan. He has made some fantastic epics that create and define entire new genres of films - and he seems to be on the verge of doing it again. We are thrilled to be working with AVATAR on this great community effort and can’t wait to see the film!