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At Your Service: The Next Evolution of Six Apart

Five years ago this week, we announced one of the biggest milestones in our company history, including the creation of TypePad and our transformation from two bloggers with a powerful platform to a company dedicated to bringing the power of blogging to the world. Back then, we built our business by offering simple services like installation of blogging software, or by providing access to the Recently Updated list (which still lives on the Movable Type homepage) to help promote your content. And all of this was enhanced by being the first company to really dedicate itself to provide world-class support for blogging software. In short, we complemented our core technologies with services aimed at helping you launch a blogensuring the success of your blog and backing it with professional support once it was launched.

Today, we make a return to those roots, but in a way that's evolved just as much as blogging has in the past five years. Thanks in no small part to our amazing community of users, blogs have become the core of social communications online, powering rich communities and enabling publishers to connect with audiences in new ways. So today, we're connecting with our blogging community in two new ways with the launch of Six Apart Services and Six Apart Media.

Six Apart Services: Building the Best Blogs

Six Apart Services offers design, development, implementation and integration services to build blog-powered communities for publishers, companies, and major bloggers. Our services team is dedicated to bringing all the power of social communication to every blogging community, using Six Apart platforms in connection with all of today's leading web technologies. The best part is, we're not starting from scratch with our services effort, we're starting with the best.

Six Apart Office LocationsThe core of the Six Apart Services team comes to us from Apperceptive, the renowned New York City experts who've helped build amazing blog-powered communities for sites including The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, BoingBoing, Major League Baseball, iVillage, Gothamist, Serious Eats and many more. You can see just some of their clients listed on their site. Just as exciting, the Apperceptive acquisition marks the opening of our New York location, which adds the latest to the list of great cities of the world which have Six Apart offices, including San Francisco, Paris and Tokyo. (Did we mention we're hiring?)

The Six Apart Services team includes some of the most talented blogging developers and consultants, not just in the Movable Type or TypePad communities, but in the world. And they'll be working closely with the Professional Network community where they got their start, to help grow the entire market for blog consulting and implementation services.

Six Apart Media: Making Your Blog a Success

To complement the blog-building power of Six Apart Services, we've also created a new group dedicated to ensuring your success as a blogger: Six Apart Media. As a company founded by bloggers, for bloggers, we know better than anyone else that there are as many definitions of "success" as there are blogs. So we've come up with a powerful suite of services to help your site kick butt.

There's a new premium advertising program that offers more control over the advertising on your blog, and our goal is to help you produce more revenue than the simple ubiquitous text ads that you might otherwise be using. Plus, you don't have to use Six Apart blogging tools to profit from our advertising program. But you may have to be patient -- we're rolling the program out gradually to make sure we take good care of our bloggers and advertisers as we get started.

Design to InspireThat brings up an important point about our advertising program: We have a unique understanding of how blogging works, and that makes us a better partner for advertisers, too. You can read exactly why we're better for advertisers, but the bottom line is that we've got years of expertise as leaders in the blogging industry, and that lets us combine blogs with social media, social networking and advertising in a way that only native bloggers can.

Of course, success isn't just about money. For many bloggers, the goal is traffic or influence or simply a connection to a community. So we're creating a suite of VIP services aimed at helping you achieve your goals, using our tools and expertise. Combined with our new offerings as part of Six Apart Services, it's a dramatic expansion of the professional support offering that's always distinguished Six Apart products.

A Return To Our Roots

As we mentioned, this is in some way a return to our roots: We're going far beyond just having the best blogging platforms around, and are determined to meet our obligation to serve every blogger. Our community deserves nothing less for having helped make us the most successful company in blogging worldwide.

But this is also about showing that, even five years after we dedicated ourselves to the idea of building a company that makes great blogging tools, we're more passionate than ever about the power of blogging. You can see it in innovative technology efforts like Action Streams, unique features like our mobile and iPhone applications, or exciting new open applications like Blog It. It's there in the firm commitments we've made to making 2008 TypePad's best year ever, and investing in making Movable Type even more open, powerful and easy. You can even find it in our renewed embrace of great design and that little bit of competitive fire that fuels our work.

We want to honor the incredible, inspirational efforts of bloggers who've motivated us over the years by once again reinventing part of Six Apart in a way that stays true to our roots as bloggers. So today, we're adding new services that we know will enable even more people and organizations tap into the power of blogging. Now we hope you'll let us know how we can be of service.

Ivan Pope said:
April 21, 2008 1:17 PM

Could you comment on how come "The core of the Six Apart Services team comes to us from Apperceptive" - did you buy Apperceptive or did you poach their team?
Also, as a five year Typepad blogger - how come I can't authenticate to leave a comment?

Anil said:
April 21, 2008 1:54 PM

Sorry for my vague wording, Ivan: We acquired Apperceptive, and their office is now Six Apart NYC. You should be able to signin with your TypePad account info using OpenID; Every TypePad account is an OpenID identity through TypeKey, where you can use URLs in the form of (It's entirely possible, though, that there are some glitches after we relaunched the website last night.)

Dely. said:
April 21, 2008 3:28 PM

This is wonderful news. I look forward to having Apperceptive on the team!

April 21, 2008 3:30 PM

@Ivan “Just as exciting, the Apperceptive acquisition marks the opening of our New York location,” (emphasis added)

April 21, 2008 9:13 PM


Thanks for the perspective, what services will Apperceptive team provide? Will it be strictly limited to blogging software and tools provided by Six Apart?

Any plans to offer services to build, manage, deploy campaigns on tools not using Six Apart tools? (Facebook comes up in my discussions, quite frequently).

April 22, 2008 7:00 PM

Yep, Jeremiah, 6A Services is about whatever services it takes for people to succeed, though of course our first priority is building great sites on our platforms. As you can see from things like our Blog It application, we're not dogmatic at all about interoperability between our platforms and other services and networks.

September 24, 2009 3:04 PM

I love the blogs on 6apart. And it seems to me the acquisition of Apperceptive should only enrich the content I will continue reading. Kudos!


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