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"This is something many didn't even dream of."

As we have been saying for some time, we take design incredibly seriously at Six Apart. In that post, we were talking about empowering bloggers to have complete control over their blog designs. Today we take that next step in educating bloggers about design by combining the most powerful set of design tools available with the largest set of blog themes on any hosted blogging platform and making them all available as a free upgrade to all of our TypePad members. And you don’t even have to be a TypePad member to get a look at some of the amazing new design capabilities.

TypePad Design Assistant

The new themes on the TypePad service follow up on a commitment made by all of us at Six Apart from our CEO down, to making 2008 TypePad’s best year ever. That commitment was met with an immediate response from hundreds of you in the community, and you echoed back a clear desire for more and better designs for your TypePad blog. In just the next few weeks:

Which brings us to today. TypePad has over 100 themes, dozens more than any other service. And the Design Assistant introduced by our Movable Type team has now been launched for TypePad, and you can use it right now — even if you aren’t a TypePad subscriber yet. Dig into it, and get a feel for the flexibility, the breadth, and the customizability that TypePad is all about. The initial launch of the Design Assistant inspired the quote that titles this post: “This is something many didn’t even dream of.” Isn’t that the kind of response great design is supposed to inspire?

Put simply, we want to make it dead simple to make a beautiful blog that is as personalized as the ideas that you publish.

And of course, we couldn’t focus on design without throwing in a little bit of eye candy, too. Ever since we started previewing our new design overview page, people have been tickled by the Cover Flow-style carousel of themes that you can scroll through. It might even help inspire you to pick a new theme for your own blog.

Ann said:
March 3, 2008 10:15 AM

Too little, too late. I moved from Typepad to wordpress. Lots of themes and doesn't cost me, like TP does. Ah well.

UI Guy said:
March 7, 2008 9:12 AM

The Cover Flow-style carousel of themes is fantastic! The simplicity and effectiveness of the design is superb, I couldn't help but to blog about it:
Typepad Design Assistant Review!

Shauna said:
April 21, 2008 12:12 PM

The Design Assistant looks good but I was hoping it would be more beginner friendly like Arvind's old MT Style Generator, where you could choose fonts and colours and whatnot without needing to know the CSS. If someone knew enough CSS to type their styles into the Design Assistant, would they need to use it in the first place?

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