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OpenSocial Hackathon Pandemonium!

At Six Apart, every Wednesday is hack day -- our coders spend all day working on projects that they think are interesting, valuable, or just plain cool. (As we, ahem, explain on our jobs page -- we are hiring.) So we're used to having lots of people sitting on the shared couches in the middle of our San Francisco office, eating pizza and cranking out code. And when we hosted the OpenID hackathon this weekend, we thought we got a pretty good turnout, with about 50 people joining us over the 2 or 3 days, with as many as 30 folks here at a time. There were some great results, too, as you can see on the OpenID blog, or by looking at photos of the event. But today caught us a little off guard -- there's almost a hundred new people in our office today, hacking on OpenSocial. And the official OpenSocial hackathon event doesn't even officially start until 4pm! Thanks to the incredible efforts of the entire OpenSocial community, including our own David Recordon, who's led this effort from the Six Apart side, we've had a great turnout so far today, with even more people scheduled to join later this afternoon and evening. The truth is, compared to our bigger neighbors who've hosted similar hackathons in the past (Adobe's got a building just a few blocks away, the old Macromedia offices) as well as the giants like Google and Yahoo down in Silicon Valley, we're tiny. For example, right now, we've got more people who aren't Six Apart employees in the office than people who are. We actually had to crank up the air conditioning to account for all the extra people! OpenSocial Hackathon (Thanks to Garth for the photo.) But what's really cool is that there's a legitimate camaraderie and desire to make things work. And that means that really, almost anybody can step up and help contribute to getting things made. It's a heartening sign that, despite how cynical some of us get about the hype about "Web 2.0" or whatever, there are some times when little companies and individual contributors can have just as much to contribute as some of the biggest companies in the tech world. Best of all, things are just getting underway -- swing by our San Francisco offices at 548 Fourth Street to join us today if you're hacking. Our tradition at Six Apart is to have each hacker demonstrate their best hacks at the end of the day, so everyone present can vote on what's coolest. We're sure today will be the most impressive set of demos yet.
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