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How Six Apart tools, along with OpenSocial, Facebook Beacon, OpenID, and other technologies, help create successful communities

Brent Leary and his business partner and co-host Michael Thomas are recognized experts in the field of Customer Relationship Management, with a vibrant consulting business, a web site, a TypePad blog, and a radio show that focus on technologies for small businesses. This week Brent and Michael interview our own David Recordon about the social networking landscape, OpenSocial, Facebook Beacon, OpenID, and how Six Apart tools help to create successful online communities.

The interview with David provides a good overview of recent developments in the social tool space, and what's to come in 2008. David summarizes Six Apart's involvement in the various open initiatives and how they directly benefit users of Six Apart products. (Hint: User control over sharing activities on the web is of highest importance.)

In the second half of the thirty-minute show, Brent, Michael, and David talk about how technology is changing how we communicate at home and at work -- even how David talks to his own mother. You can find the
official show online
as well as a post by Brent with more of his thoughts on the show.

Brent has previously interviewed Six Apart CEO Chris Alden and Chief Evangelist Anil Dash about small business blogging.

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