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Moleskinerie Goes Official

If you ever see a stranger in public and you’re not sure if they’re a blogger or not, keep a look out for a Moleskine notebook — it’s a pretty good sign that you’ve spotted a member of the blogosphere.

Moleskine closeup

That overlap between online journals and the ubiquitous little black journals is ripe territory for, you guessed it, a blog called Moleskinerie. But as Armand Frasco has been maintaining and growing the blog on TypePad, the site’s success has made it obvious just how much Kikkerland, the U.S. distributors for moleskines, needed to participate in the conversation themselves.

So, it was a treat to see that Kikkerland has acquired Moleskinerie. Armand shared the news with his community in his own distinctive style:

Kikkerland believes that by making its support of permanent it will encourage and keep a conversation going between the products’ users and the company on issues such as quality control, product development and design trends in general. With this acquisition, Moleskine aficionados are reassured that the thriving worldwide community it has fostered will remain a vital gathering place to share the latest news and tips about their beloved notebook. Other than previously planned events and product releases there are no changes in the management and operations. The blog will essentially remain the same, down to its trademark offbeat items and tangential posts mirroring Kikkerland’s offbeat and cool design philosophy.

Thanks to Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba for calling our attention to the story with their interview of Armand. And stay tuned for an upcoming TypePad Books feature and podcast about the pair, in honor of their new book Citizen Marketers.

(Moleskine image above is courtesy of Tim Boyd.)

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