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Bowman's Photo Gallery Templates

Even though our ProNet weblog has already linked to Photo Gallery Templates, Doug Bowman's amazingly elegant and massively thorough set of Movable Type templates used to create gorgeous photo presentations, I would be remiss if I failed to give a shout out to the work he's done.

And if you thought the templates themselves were beautiful, wait until you see the documentation! Doug writes about Photo Gallery Templates over on his weblog.

Like Anil says over on Pronet: "if you're interested in doing justice to your photos using the full power of Movable Type, or just want to marvel at some really creative work, give Doug's writeup a look."

And with the new version of Movable Type (3.2) coming really soon, you'll be pleased to know that Doug's work is compatible with the release:

In addition to publishing existing galleries with my current install of MT 3.17, I’ve also been testing with the betas of MT 3.2. The templates work flawlessly in all the recent betas. I was a little worried in early beta stages, since Photon stopped communicating with MT. But later betas (b4+) fixed the problem, and Photon now happily exports to MT 3.2. Just in time for the imminent final release of MT 3.2.

More reason we're (and you'll be) incredibly happy about having a long extensive beta cycle. I can't wait to see people using Photo Gallery Templates and Movable Type 3.2.

Oh, and I've got to love Doug's Disney Signage gallery.