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Movable Type 3.2's Junk Folder

Movable Type 3.2 features a new take on an old friend: the Junk folder. In your email program, some messages are likely to be spam, and most email applications these days offer a folder that can be set to delete junk after a set period of time.

We've brought the same convenience and power to Movable Type. Using the new feedback scoring system described earlier, comments or TrackBacks that fall below your spam threshold score can be set to be automatically deleted after a configurable period of time. (The default is 14 days.) The best part about the new junk folder? You don't have to touch it. If you just want to accept the default settings and not mess with junk comments or TrackBacks again, they'll be taken care of without your intervention.

But if you really want to tweak your settings or adjust the amount of time that Movable Type stores junk you've received, the full power and customizability of the system is just a click away. Plugins for the new spam framework can automatically be trained by watching which comments or TrackBacks you mark as junk. Two new callbacks, named Is_Junk and Not_Junk make it easy for developers to make plugins that learn from your sorting. And the entire scoring system is tweakable, so you can make the filtering as aggressive or forgiving as you'd like, without ever having to worry about false positives blocking legitimate comments or being stuck fishing legitimate comments out of the junk folder.

[This is part three in a series called "Our 32 Favorite Features of Movable Type 3.2".]