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Tips on business blogging

Robert Scoble's the most famous blogger at Microsoft, and he's got some good advice for those who are resisting adopting blogs because of fear about using the new medium in a business setting.

But the larger issue that becomes clear from Robert's post is that, like any new technology, the hard part of encouraging adoption is changing corporate culture to accommodate the new opportunities. Whether it's office productivity applications, accounting software, graphics and illustration programs or blogging tools, companies have to set proper expectations and guidelines in order to encourage smart use of blogs.

Groove Networks was one of the first companies to suggest a written blog policy, and other companies get by with just advising their employees to be smart about what they write. This seems like the kind of project that the blogosphere could do well to collaborate on, creating generalized guidelines for blogging at work.

A lot of good conversation about the topic also came up recently on Jeremy Zawodny's blog, when he started working in his new role at Yahoo Search. These conversations are likely to grow even more frequent, given the fact that almost every day brings a few more press stories about the growing popularity of business blogging.