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TypePad's Official Launch

We're proud to announce that our new personal weblog service TypePad officially launched yesterday. We've been in Preview Release for a few weeks now, and the response has been so overwhelmingly positive that we felt it was time to formally open the doors and welcome everyone in. Since the Preview Launch, we've fixed a lot of issues with the system thanks to the help of our subscribers, and we've added a few new features in honor of the launch.

New features in the system include the ability to map your own domain name to your TypePad site so that your site would appear at if you own that domain name, in addition to the address that is included with your TypePad account. There's also more bandwidth for users at the Plus and Pro levels, giving users 3 and 5 gigs per month in data transfer, respectively. Plus, all levels now have the ability to password protect any weblog or photo album for privacy.

We're very excited to have reached this milestone for TypePad, and it marks the culmination of a lot of work by our entire team over the past months. We thank our subscribers for all their support in helping us reach this point, and we can't wait to have everyone give TypePad a try. As an incentive, we're offering a 10% lifetime discount to any member who signs up during the month of October, and if you're interested in getting your friends or family started with their own weblog, we hope you'll recommend TypePad to them.