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Today's the day we get to talk about the work that we've been doing over the past half year, and we get to explain how the company that has been just Ben and myself for so long is growing. Today, we're announcing the upcoming launch of a new weblog personal publishing service called TypePad. What began as a goal to offer hosted Movable Type installations grew into a project to completely revamp the system for all levels of users. TypePad's centralized design and focus on simplicity let us offer the perfect complement to Movable Type's features, while maintaining a set of open interfaces and APIs that keep the two systems compatible.

We've also just closed an initial round of financing with Neoteny Co. Ltd.. Neoteny's ability to strengthen our business and management was a big reason that we wanted them on our team, but just as importantly, a company whose CEO Joi Ito is an avid Movable Type user and enthusiast really shows the kind of understanding of weblogs and personal publishing that we'd expect from a partner. Finally, we've brought on Anil Dash as our Vice President of Business Development to handle the partnerships and relationships between Six Apart and the companies and people who we'll be working with.

These changes to our company definitely mark a new chapter in our history, but our goal is to just get better at what we've been doing, not to alter the way that our company works. Our existing base of Movable Type users should see a lot to be excited about, from improvements to Movable Type due to the development work being done on TypePad and Movable Type Pro, to the larger base of plugins, extensions, and third-party programs that will be developed due to the bigger audience of people using Six Apart products.

In all, there's a lot of good news today, with more on the way, including screenshots, a feature list, and pricing and availability information for the TypePad service. For a company focused on tools that help communicate, it's been hard to keep quiet while all of the details were worked out. But now we finally get to share the news with all of you, and we hope that you'll be as excited about what's coming up as we are. Please do take a moment and sign up at TypePad if you'd like to learn more about the service, and we'll be eager to hear everyone's feedback in the next few weeks and months.