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Six Apart Ltd. Announces New Weblogging Service, Investment, Executives and Board

Announcements are significant milestones for weblog industry

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - April 23, 2003 - In a flurry of activity, Six Apart Ltd., the makers of the highly acclaimed Movable Type personal publishing system, today announced the upcoming release of TypePad™, a hosted service providing a simple to use, yet full-featured turnkey solution for creating weblogs. Simultaneously announced were the close of its Series "A" financing and the appointment of a new board and executives.

Weblogs, commonly referred to as "blogs" for short, are one of the fastest growing phenomena on the web, with millions of webloggers all over the world participating in the medium by publishing their thoughts on any topic in this simple, richly linked format. Six Apart, founded by the husband and wife team of Ben Trott and Mena G. Trott, has been a technological innovator in the weblog space since its launch of Movable Type in October 2001.

Building on the established features and reputation of Movable Type, TypePad will provide weblog publishers with versatile archiving, integrated comments, and customizable designs from a library of attractive and standards-compliant templates. TypePad expands weblog publishing to include integration of text, photos and other media content. The combination of simplicity and comprehensive features will make TypePad the first tool that will empower users, beginners and experts alike, to reach the full potential of the weblog medium.

TypePad is scheduled to be launched in a public beta in May 2003, As of today, visitors to the TypePad website ( can sign up to be notified about the beta launch and to receive more details about TypePad, including pricing and a list of features.

Ben Trott, co-founder of Six Apart, is excited about the opportunities presented by the TypePad service. "From the first release of Movable Type, our goal has been to make complex technologies simple for our users. Creating TypePad is exciting because it allows us to bring users all of the features they want in one integrated system, without any of the complexity that makes technology intimidating."

The close of Series "A" financing with Neoteny Co. Ltd. as lead investor, will provide the funding and supplemental expertise needed to launch TypePad and grow the user base of Movable Type. "Neoteny's knowledge of the weblog audience, and their interest in making it easier for people to communicate through these tools, make them an ideal partner for Six Apart. Their support will enable our service and product development to stay abreast with our vision," says Mena G. Trott, CEO of Six Apart. Joining Neoteny in the investment is Reid Hoffman. The terms of the investment have not been disclosed

In addition Six Apart announced the appointment of Anil Dash as Vice President of Business Development; named Founders Mena G. Trott Chairperson and CEO and Benjamin Trott CTO; and appointed Reid Hoffman and Barak Berkowitz to its Board of Directors. Dash brings over 10 years of experience in the technology and media industries to his new role. Dash's focus will be on developing partnerships and relationships around Six Apart's existing Movable Type product line and the upcoming TypePad service. Hoffman, a founding member and former EVP of PayPal, joins Six Apart's Board as a co-investor. Hoffman, a serial entrepreneur, also serves on a number of boards as well as being CEO of his own start-up, LinkedIn. Berkowitz, Neoteny's representative in the United States, most recently was Co-founder and President of OmniSky, the wireless Internet innovator which was acquired by Earthlink. Previously he had served at the Go Network as Executive VP and General Manager and at Logitech as Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Americas. Berkowitz also held key roles at Apple Computer and Macy's.

About Six Apart
Six Apart Ltd., based in San Francisco, CA, is the company behind the Movable Type personal publishing system and the TypePad personal publishing service. Founded by husband and wife team Ben Trott and Mena G. Trott in 2002, Six Apart creates tools that enable tens of thousands of individuals, organizations, and corporations to participate in the web's full potential by publishing their ideas on the Internet with simple, yet powerful software and services. The Six Apart corporate weblog ( provides more information about Six Apart, TypePad and Movable Type.

Further details about these announcements can be found in today's other releases.


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