Nobuhiro Seki
Nobuhiro (Nob) Seki
President and CEO
Nobuhiro (Nob) Seki, President and CEO, has led the acquisition of Movable Type and Six Apart brand in January 2011 from SAY Media, who acquired Six Apart in November 2010. Previously, he was served as Executive Vice President and General Manager of Japan and Asia Pacific at Six Apart from December 2003 to January 2011. Prior to joining Six Apart, he was engaged in business development at Nikkei Business Publications after serving as Staff Editor contributing to Nikkei Computer for several years. Seki graduated from the University of Tokyo with a B.S. in Engineering and received an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Carnegie Mellon University.

Hajime (Jim) Koga
Hajime (Jim) Koga
COO and General Manager of Asia Pacific
Hajime Koga graduated from the School of Italian Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. He worked in sales for several major foreign-affliated software companies, including Lotus, IBM Japan's software division (head of business partner marketing) and Intuit. While he was a company executive (in charge of sales) at Intuit he took part in the 2003 MBO, and moved to an executive position (in charge of sales) at Yayoi Co., Ltd. He then came to Six Apart in 2004. He currently holds the position of Executive Corporate Officer, and primarily oversees sales and marketing.

Hirata Daiji
Daiji Hirata
Hirata has served as CTO since 2012 after his adviser position from 2006. He is a founding member of Six Apart Japan in 2003 and served as VP of Technology until 2006. When he was Adviser at Six Apart, Hirata played a vital role at News2U Corporation, a pioneer in Digital PR. He is known for a pioneer in the blog movement in Japan since 2002 and led the blog phenomena. Prior to Six Apart, Hirata worked at NTT. Hirata graduated from Osaka University with B.S. and M.S in Engineering.

Robert Minton
Robert Minton
Vice President of Sales & Marketing and General Manager of North America and Europe
Robert Minton has a successful track record working at major US media companies in the roles of sales, product development, marketing, and general management. He has worked for companies such as Walt Disney, ABC, and directly supported ABC News and ESPN Audio as their distribution and sales partner. Robert has lead numerous successful business development opportunities, working with partners like Nielsen,,, Marketron Mobile, Abacast, and Comcast Entertainment (now NBCU). He has also provided consulting services on the topic of integrated media services and M&A's to industry leaders such as McKinsey & Co., Bain & Co., as well as other major US investment groups. Robert has a BA from the University of Tennessee and has participated in executive education programs at Columbia Business School, UCLA - Anderson School of Business, and Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He brings over 17 years of management and business experience to Six Apart.

Aaron P. Bailey
Aaron P. Bailey
Senior Vice President of Products and Services
Aaron P. Bailey took on the role of Senior Vice President of Products and Services in 2014, with the primary responsibility of connecting Six Apart's software engineers and website development team. Aaron has an extensive background in digital media and customer service. In 2008, he founded the design and development firm 601am, which served as a Movable Type support partner and was acquired by Six Apart in 2014. Prior to starting the agency, Aaron worked as an IT consultant and as a digital producer at a national magazine. He graduated from Hillsdale College, Michigan. Additionally, he is currently the Chairman of YouthBiz, an organization that equips disadvantaged youths to solve problems in their communities through entrepreneurship.